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tv   Headline News  RT  May 9, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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i date of the russian people will never forget the troops and armor parade through the red square to mark sixty eight years since the historic victory secured by an enormous sacrifice from soviet soldiers and bringing the nazis to their knees. anger in japan after its ownership of a group of violence as question by china threatening to pit the asian giants against each other and yet another territorial dispute. and emigration to germany hits record levels as four countries take steps to protect themselves against so-called benefits tourism from poorest states.
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this is r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina josh and welcome to the program a day of enormous pride and a day of remembrance rushes marking sixty eight and a verse three of the defeat over nazi germany today just over two million people living in russia are veterans of that war and their contribution as well as those who sacrificed their lives is being remembered with flowers tears salutes and parades are these under farmer was at the main military display on the red square. yeah another very successful victory day right here on the red square it started with the bomb ten thousand feet in unison and trust me i counted chanting and it is a day that was unified russia on the field and soviet states visit they didn't used to celebrate the victory with hitler but also one.
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of the last to write your wall around twenty million that are still alive and it's a guy there are somebody who took part in the very first big day right here in red square ninety five after they returned from the front line victorious during this her right we will see impressive display of russian military hardware types those massive this although it is also. largely due to a pledge which would be life saving technology starting with a message from president putin to price the courage of those involved in the great country to pull those who insist the world must be willing to secure the planet security. council. red square. major sergey lebedev his father a fart in the war says the heroism of the soviets came mainly from the people's desire to the fam their homeland and families now they are in role of stalinism. i
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read some of the letters which were written by my grandfather who was still alive and she was sending these letters to my grandmother who had three children at the time and it was a very hard life to live knowing your husband is struggling on the battlefield and every time he was he never mentioned stalin by the way in his letters he said we were fighting for and for you for our family to take care of the children and try to return see until. the. end they were really fighting for their families of a three day celebrations are taking place across russia artillery salutes are being performed all across the country as well as numerous concerts of veterans events lot of all stock along with twenty three other russian cities as mark this store
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date with its own display of military hardware well there is also an extraordinary commemoration in the euros or motorcycle is gathered for a symbolic the day race. while you watch moscow's parade in full on your an hour a you tube channel which is that you tube dot com slash r.t.m. and on our website as well you can also go back in time and see food edge of what the veterans went through during the war as well as hear what they have to say r.t. dot com has comments and details of about the vehicles took part in thursday's parade add more. japan's ownership of an entire archipelago in the east china sea may be up for review not by tokyo but by beijing the okinawa island chain as home to sprawling u.s. military bases and tens of thousands of american troops the people's daily considered
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a mouthpiece of china's communist party all but laid claim to the archipelago an article written by academics japan quickly had bad denouncing the paper as a political tool and declaring its ownership of okinawa beyond doubt its latest territorial dispute marring relations between the two asian towers both are also locked into qantas over another island chain james corbat who's the editor of a japan based news website says china's a is to pressure japan into making in session's elsewhere. it is at the very least an interesting new development in the territorial dispute and obviously meant to at least increase pressure on japan over the the disputed senkaku islands which is another part of this territorial dispute that's going on but in terms of okinawa itself it's been within the japanese sphere of influence for at least the last four hundred years now but of course this brings up the fundamental issue of all of this which is china is trying to argue that it has historical claims over the okinawa islands japan has these formal claims that
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it's set up in the me back in the eighteenth seventy's but it's this group completely excluded from this is the fact that of course there is an ethnic indigenous population in okinawa who are the ones who are completely forgotten in all of this and are being used as pawns as they have had to suffer through basically imperial regime after imperial regime and now it's basically a site for u.s. military bases and japan i think is going to be more or less a spectator in this i don't think that they have the ability to really stop china from from making these types of claims it's just a question of if and when this would actually spill into a military confrontation. dr scott hall and a columnist for foreign policy in focus says china's move may be aimed more against washington than tokyo. i think it's a couple of things going on one is that the chinese are very very disturbed about the the asia pivot on the part of the obama administration knew what they see is
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that the united states has now moved sixty percent or is in the process of moving sixty percent of their own forces into the pacific region so they find that very disturbing and there was a standoff with the but the clinton administration in the late ninety's in which the chinese had to back down from and they don't want to be in that position again so so part of this is a backdrop is is that this is a way of kind of challenging their asia pivot but they're basically saying to washington is don't push us don't come into our waters i do sing as well there isn't any kind of drive a wedge to a certain extent between japan and the united states only states certainly want to war with china which japanese are being a bit more aggressive on this to trainees are pushing the the envelope just a little bit to see if the u.s. will back off
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a little bit on its support of japan so far that hasn't happened but but a possibility in the future. what you'd like to coming to live from moscow coming up later in this hour how people under pressure in greece are heading back for survival. these workers in northern greece are dismantling a failed factory all those though of taking control of the plans to try and keep them going join me tom bazza not seen for a look inside the crisis in greece in just a few minutes from. now more immigrants arrive in germany last year than in any other time during the last two decades many of the newcomers are from crisis hit southern and eastern european countries attracted by the near record levels of low unemployment in germany and it's one of four countries to have told the european commission. wants to protect its public education and health systems from being overwhelmed by new arrivals boyko reports on the dow to war whether so-called benefits to isn't actually exist. have you had the one about the dutchman the
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german the austrian and the englishwoman going to the european commission and asking for cabs on migration within the e.u. now it's not a joke it actually happened holland germany austria and the u.k. say that they're concerned about the pressure being put on their public services as a result of so-called benefits terrorism so they've written a letter to the european commission asking for help in making it harder for freshly arrived e.u. migrants to access public services such as schools hospitals and accommodation the move comes just seven months before labor restrictions a lifted and the e.u.'s newest members remain ian ball garia are allowed to live and work freely anywhere within the european union brussels response to the letter has been lukewarm they want to see evidence that this so-called benefits terrorism actually exists to talk about the issue i'm joined by her be brockman from the joint council for the wealth of immigrants thank you very much for joining us do
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you think there is the threat of all this pressure being put on public services in the u.k. let me tell you first this isn't a phobia on share mad because i didn't suggest otherwise we nor the two million. nationals came to this country and only thirteen thousand of them out of two million claimed job seekers allowance we know that for the health service that we have got hundred billion pound the budget for a national health service and only ten to twenty million pounds where recoup from european nationals so this is a more. backed by evidence the evidence is there if this is a myth proper. gated by the media then why the politicians over for key western european countries so concerned about it you see the politicians are being to give
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us sponsible media and public insight to get some cheap vote but if we want to have a home ised economy we want everyone's butt to men then we should walk towards protectionism habeeb rahman thank you very much for your comments well there you have it the free movement directive one of the pillar is the founding pillars of the european union but it looks like at the moment some key western countries are uniting together against a united europe. london now the u.k. is also facing tough criticism from another financial quarter this time the international monetary fund which has warned britain to ease up on the belt tightening the national secretary of the socialist workers party told us the government needs to rethink its priorities and dragging the country out of the doldrums. it's extraordinary that the international monetary fund which is the high priests of neoliberalism who have imposed a stereotype as part of the troika along with the european union in the earthian
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central bank across the continent even though they are now telling osborne that his economic policies are a complete failure and they're causing a heart attack for the economy with no growth with unemployment rising and with social chaos caused by these policies and there are more and more people who are completely fed up with these a stereotype policies which are attacking people's living standards while at the same time at the other pole of society the very very rich grow ever richard the reality is that the attempts to cut the deficit have caused the economy to come to a halt and what we need is to completely change the priorities we need to stop the imperial adventures in afghanistan and the talk of more involvement in syria we need to stop the trident nuclear program and we need to take the power away from the wealthy people at the top of society and start putting people first not profits
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. now the u.s. dishes out the dollars for israel to fans spending hundreds of millions on the anti-missile iron dome system despite criticism that it's not as effective as being presented that still ahead. how's this for going with the flow these workers in russia definitely dotted to swim of their rather bizarre method of crossing a river all this and much more in a couple of minutes here in our. modern russia was built on coal. fuel for its factories. coke for its steel. gold is it more than heat for its people. join me james brown to meet them and spend their lives underground and work in one
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of the world's most dangerous professions. would let's you. coal on o.t. . wealthy british soil. from time to time for. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. that you're watching r.t. coming to live from the russian capital well the u.s. says it plans to push further to get israel and palestine to the negotiating table
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with secretary. say john kerry planning a trip to the middle east even so washington continues to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on the israeli army including funding the iron dome missile system are his policies larry has been hearing from those who say the complex just isn't worth it the brains behind the iron dome the israeli but the funding is mostly american born the americans. assistance it solves the discussion and offered their assistance they have washington recently pledged an additional six hundred eighty million dollars for deployment intercept a system that advocates claim has a success rate of more than eighty percent you know the numbers and soon the results and. endorses them could clear today even obama has gotten in on the act his first stop at a recent trip to israel was to an iron dome battery where he told soldiers they're doing an amazing job because so much money has been spent on this defense missile
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system that now needs to be marketed and sold otherwise how do you justify something that has already cost the american taxpayer millions of dollars but for all its hype the iron dome which is designed to intercept and destroy short range rockets aimed at populated areas is not foolproof i have a lot of question marks questions that include the system's effectiveness weapons experts in the united states and even in israel say the i.d.f. has y. be overstated its intercept success rate by a factor of ten or more you can see very clearly that the victim like this that it's impossible to get a warhead work. so you do see the destroyed eighty four percent of the incoming look at. the celebrated technological wonder exploded onto the international stage after last year's israel gaza war but the math did not add up it proved disproportionately expensive as a defense against crude homemade palestinian rockets and. militants there are
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assembling these rockets which cost about one hundred dollars to make. which are very little more than than a pipe with an explosive to to propel it forward. and the iron dome rockets. actually cost fifty thousand dollars. each bucket so shooting two rockets to intercept one of the of the amounts makeshift bombs a makeshift rockets would cost a thousand times more than the cost of the rocket that is being intercepted but the i.d.f. has good reason to mislead the world about its effectiveness not only to taxpayers want to know the money is being well spent but enemies need to be deterred especially gaza militants firing at israel's southern border city of stuart snow but right. even more they develop. the defense of the war with. the only area the can no defense is there were given the history of missile defense
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deception and the strong israeli incentive to deceive the people who pay for the system should be asking hard questions about how well it really works. tell of a renowned physicist stephen hawking is causing a big bang over his refusal to travel to israel cambridge university first said he wasn't going because of health problems but later admitted his reasons were political or get the details online r.t. dot com. and a cargo trainer with fifty fuel tankers darrelle in southern russia with carriages exploding into fireballs forcing. thousands of people to back away the area are calm has war on the accident. and the greek finance minister says he expects the country's economy to be on the up again by two thousand and fourteen but then optimistic view probably isn't being shared by workers who are left to fan
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for themselves tom barton reports from a factory abandoned by its owner were the laborers have taken control after almost two years of on paid work it looks just like another day at the factory in northern greece making building and cleaning products but these workers shouldn't even be here this fragment of the old workforce has taken control of the factory from its owners this is v.m. a central office all of their old office workers left and the owners lock them out of the office block for the moment they run their entire company from this room. the dead pot plants and shuttered windows sit next to the emmys new philosophy on the war in red self management in huge legal disputes the owning company fulcrum johnson claims to have no money and wants its factory back. this employer paid these workers for thirty years and paid them well i suggest that the workers now should support their employer at this difficult moment. workers for their part
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a desperate after twenty two months without pay they receive food aid from unions and solidarity movements they guard the stock and the plant seeing it is their only way to start earning money again despite the threats but with the laws stacked against workers in crisis torn greece few dare try the same this more the general picture i mean i don't think i'm going to see huge movement to forgive something to take over the octopus for these workers though this is an economic last stand they're trying nothing less than to change greek law to recognize the concept of self management in order to legally sell their products and when i ask them they have a message for the owners after myself they abandon us here and disappeared so i have nothing to say to them they prefer to pay for these trials instead of paying our salaries but. electrons in his coworkers don't see themselves as revolutionaries
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instead they thought predicament is a result of painful decisions forced on those on the factory floor and in the boardroom by a crisis that keeps breaking all the norms tom bottom party next prove how you can rise above anything if you've got the means and the will power by dint of caution explains how a group of russians wave of inspiration got them from a to b. . it really seems like one collab just look at the key there are so many people there and amazingly they're not just standing there for a bus right there actually crossing the river using these to ask a vader's so for some it can be have a traffic and for others to have a way now let me give you some details on what is actually happening that this video was shot at the end of march in the north of the mountains and as you can see the area is flooded and it also seems that there is going to be
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a bridge built there in the future but for now people still have to cross it somehow and it seems they've found a way better call it an adrenaline draw and now you've got one ask evader load it was three sometimes even more people now it means the other one half way people climb from one ask a vader to be other it all looks rather dangerous but look at the people they seem quite pleased with themselves anyway when this video first appeared on the internet it went viral was so many commons and very few people were actually concerned about the fate of the passengers some even labelled this video as another example of how russians can be resilient and resourceful well it's really hard to argue with that watching this footage now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world further clashes have erupted between students marching for free education in chile's capital security forces used water cannon to hold back the riders in santiago tens of thousands of students
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took part in a nationwide demonstrations as part of a bowling ball movement for education reform that began back in twenty tan. britain is pushing for the e.u. arms embargo against syria to be amended or lifted so that weapons can get to the rebels the current sanctions expire at the end of may and will most likely be extended france supports the plan despite widespread european fears that it will only worsen the conflict an independent un report suggests the rebels have most likely used chemical weapons britain and the west maintain that it's a regime that's deploying them. pakistan will pull out from the u.s. led war on terror if a man tipped to become the country's next prime minister is elected the washer if of the pakistan muslim league says it's the only option to bring peace to the central asian nation of general elections due on the eleventh of may but the run up
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has been marked by widespread violence the latest incident today on a delta flight gunmen have kidnapped the son of former pakistani pm use of golani. now returning to our main story for just a few minutes russia is celebrating the sixty eighth said of her story of the defeat of nazi germany a spectacular parade to commemorate those soldiers who led the fight at stake in place in the very heart of the russian capital let's have another look at the highlights.
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while abby martin takes aim at the mainstream media next time breaking the set here in our t.v. . you know i've been asked a few times if i believe in conspiracy theories which is kind of an odd question i mean just in general believe in conspiracy theories like all of them even the ones that contradict each other i mean j.f.k. could have been killed by the mob the cia the k.g.b. and very secret societies at the same time or could he have been know what you just declare themselves official conspiracy theories that's silly obviously it isn't could just go around fishing for evil plots to explain every situation the mainstream media sure does lie a lot but i think they're telling the truth about that whole sky being blue thing
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but on the other hand if you never question what the glowing box in your house tells you that just makes you a sucker the kind of sucker who bought that there were magical mysterious invisible weapons of mass destruction in iraq and you know what in all honesty there's actually been real evil conspiracies that have been exposed like the tuskegee experiment and the fascist coup attempt against president roosevelt in one nine hundred thirty s. over all people think it spirity theories are matter of belief but actually they're completely a matter of facts and there's a lot of good evidence to support a conspiracy and good arguments that maybe you should consider it but if someone tells you the president is actually a rip tell him from the cosmos you might want to just stay away from that one but that's just my opinion.
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yes social interests of the disappearing the bees along with the civilian news. so you know. we do the movie was good and you know who it was already forced.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i've said skinny i mean. the towns that i've seen really messed up. for so closely with the second. worst. flood out soup of the day the radio guy minutes from a kick off if i want to watch closely because you've never seen anything like this i'm cold. they guys i'm abby martin and this is breaking the set so this past weekend the national rifle association held its annual convention in houston and aside from speeches from politicians like sarah palin and rick perry there were some.